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Headline-About CP

Coffee Power Championship is a coffee event management organization registered in Hong Kong, and jointly founded by Colour Brown Coffee and Coffee Pro since 2013. The Coffee Power Management Team (CPMT) is a management group with extensive experience of coffee competition and variety show experiences, and its mission is to operate at the intersection of different players in the coffee industries, including experts, producers, practitioners, and coffee lovers.

CPMT tries the best to crafts our event with the demand of ever-changing coffee industry, and leveraging exchange platform among judges and participants.  Size is not our goal, however, we deliver the strategies that focus on creative and win-win achievements among all stakeholders.  We pride ourselves on coffee market insight gained through the backgrounds of our team members, so as to help our stakeholders to navigate constant change of the coffee market.

Coffee Power has long benefited from the support of our corporate partners, who share our commitment to produce and enhance our championship to the direction of being Asian’s premium coffee event that engage not only limited in Hong Kong but also players in different countries.  We welcome coffee players of all countries to join our series of coffee competition.

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Cup of Coffee !

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